Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Squire by Tamora Pierce

"No one, not even Flynn, questioned her ability to fight anymore."

Kelandry has grown tall and strong, much like your reviewer here, and that just makes me love her more. She’s finally been chosen as a Squire to Lord Raoul, just when it seemed she might never see action. Book Three in The Protector of the Small series sees change, challenges and the odd heart flutter. All of which made for a speedy and enjoyable read. In fact, I rushed through this faster than Jump comes to Kel’s rescue. That is to say, rather speedily.

Our trainee knight has to face more than just angry bandits. An ornery baby griffin, the challenges of jousting, court politics and kidnapping round out just a little of the drama and it will have you spellbound. Will Kel survive the horrors of the Ordeal of Knighthood to progress her career? Will she discover the identity of her mysterious benefactor (spoilers – not in this volume)? Will you keep reading until the wee hours? If you’re like me, then you definitely will. Thankfully I had the next novel on stand-by, so no waiting around to see what happens next.

5 out of 5 – baby griffins are hard work.

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