Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler

“There was something appealing in thinking of a character with a secret life that her author knew nothing about. Slipping off while the author’s back was turned, to find love in her own way. Showing up just in time to deliver the next bit of dialogue with an innocent face.” 

It is entirely possible that you may have heard of this novel before. I'm almost entirely sure I've seen the movie adaptation and yet nothing detailed springs to mind. I really needed a delightful foray into the realms of light romantic comedy in order to escape some really, rather stressful times. This should have fit the bill. After all, I was very taken with Karen Joy Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and was therefore keen to explore more of the author's work.

While trying to complete a list of five essential Jane Austen inspired works - indeed I've only got one more to go -  I stubbed on this one and was enthusiastic about cracking the spine. Sadly, I was a little disappointed. I've been naturally distracted by visits to the local hospital, so perhaps not all the blame can be laid on the book - rather, perhaps its just me. I have vague recollections of the characters and the action and yet my overwhelming impression is one of misty confusion. That and a fleeting discussion about Ursula Le Guin. Actually I don't even remember the movie adaptation, other than it starred Emily Blunt.

I'm looking forward to my good friend and fellow bibliophile Nicki's take on this one to see whether I should re-visit in in less distracting times. My current romantic confusion is a life raft in turbulent times from unexpected quarters and everything is being called into question. Ergo, my ability to provide some well thought out review at this point is unlikely. Think re-examined feelings a la Persuasion,  rather than any Sense and Sensibility.

2 out of 5 book clubs are fuelled by vino.

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