Saturday, 22 November 2014

Alana, The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

"She could feel it trembling as she gripped the hilt."

Apologies for the choice of quote - I can see how that could be taken out of context. My  fellow literary aficionado and friend, Nicki, suggested I check out this little adventure that she carried as a treasured memory of childhood,  and proffered a well worn copy. If I had been introduced to this tale as a child, I feel certain that it would hold a similarly lofty position in my esteem as those delightful wardrobe bound tales of Narnia, alas I'm just discovering this.
What strikes me, as an adult devouring a child's tale, is its brilliant simplicity and reliance on clarity and plot. This is a combination that is not easy to realise and still manages to draw me in.
As an adult, however, the breast binding and gender bending adventures seem a little unlikely. Yet, this is fantasy and entertaining fantasy at that.
I'm drawn in to continue the adventure and see where Alan/Alana's intrigues take her. Who can resist a girl knight?

4 out of 5 magic girls can become knights.

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