Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Sacred Book of the Werewolf by Victor Pelevin

"And the longer I gazed into her eyes, the stronger this feeling became, rousing me to ecstasy, to a state of physical pain - as if she had thrust a knife into a crack in the wall behind  which I was trying to hide and, with a few swift movements of the blade, had loosened the brickwork so much that the wall had collapsed and I was left standing before her once again, as naked and defenceless as a child."

What an amazing read! It is hard to believe this is a translation from the original Russian, if I could read Russian, I would certainly be exploring the original for a comparison.I fell in love with this book's combination of musky sensuality, mystique and intrigue.

Taking standard supernatural tropes to another literary level; this is truly a delight.
The protagonist is a fox in every sense of the word, beguiling, enthralling, the natural enemy of the English aristocracy and able to catch chickens.

The novel intermingles these supernatural elements with a satire on Russia and corrupt government control, prostitutes and oil oligarchs - this is a multi-faceted read that has an engaging quality that makes it hard to put down. Did I mention it is sex on a stick... or brushy tail?

How can you not love a fox obsessed with Stephen Hawking and able to realise your deepest darkest wishes?

5 out of 5, love is the key that no locksmith can find.

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