Saturday, 1 November 2014

Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

" Words are the litmus paper of the mind."

Is it a coincidence that one of my favourite Terry Pratchett Discworld novels to date is the thirteenth? Thirteen is my lucky number - unlucky for some right? I realise I am very late to the party in that this religious satire was published in 1992.

The Great God Om appears to novice, Brutha, in the rather insipid form of a tortoise. To some his manifestation might signify the coming of the next prophet, for others its just another excuse for torture and dissent as the evil Vorbis heads the Quisition.

DEATH in capital letters makes his usually welcome appearance and there are certainly more characters to make your sides split. I certainly preferred this more than Dodger  that I recently completed reading. This has certainly whet my appetite for more classic Pratchett and further adventures in Discworld.

5 out of 5 turtles shoulder atlas like responsibilities.

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