Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris

"You are not by nature a hedonist, sensualist or Casanova, and so when one day you look back on your life you will find you don't have particularly vivid memories of where you've stuck your stuff."

Neil  Patrick Harris’ choose your own adventure (CYOA) style autobiography is every bit as charming as you might have imagined it would be. From dorky Doogie, to sleazy Barney, to King of Broadway and father of adorable twins, it is an appealing tale with something to appease all his fans.

You can almost tell whether someone is gen x, y or whatever they are calling the kids these days – certainly what decade from which you hail – by your most enduring identification of NPH. Oh I am firmly in the Doogie camp, when I used to query his bedside manner and ongoing love for Wanda. Who calls their kid Wanda? Apologies to anyone who has that name.

So back to the book. It is a collection of little tales, formulated in such a way that you could read it in traditional CYOA fashion, or sail straight through and catch the odd hidden little tit bit.

As grand as his “Bigger” opening for the Emmy’s – which I loved – there are special guest appearances from some very recognisable names – Wheedon fans in particular will be happy.

I feel like I’ve grown up with NPH and am better for it. He made me cry as a pre-pubescent doctor, he made me laugh as a horrible doctor, he made me wish I had bar friends like those on How I Met Your Mother, and he made me believe that it is possible to find a gorgeous, loving partner as he has managed to do. Kudos NPH and double bonus points for all the singing and dancing.

5 out of 5 nerds get better with age and superior hairdressing.

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