Monday, 24 November 2014

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

“No help for it; I was going to have to use the penicillin”.

It had been a shocker of the week and a trip back into the arms of Jamie Fraser seemed the perfect antidote. Certainly things can seem a little bit formulaic, but I say that in a good way – why fix something that isn’t broken? I’d rather worry quality time with Jamie than paying bills and kicking goals (own or otherwise) at work – my goal kicking foot is feeling a little worn. The formula of separation, hot reunion, drama, separation, hot reunion etc. never seems to get tired.

Back to the tale itself. Claire has discovered that…YES… #spoilers… Jamie survived the battle of Culloden and now that her daughter, Brianna, is grown, she is heading on back to that whip marked , hot Scot.
Not to mention this outing features a voyage on the seven seas, pirates, a bit of man love and so much more.

Imagine going back in time with your own stash of penicillin – you’d feel almost superhuman. Claire has managed to become a doctor too,  I guess you have to keep yourself busy when separated from someone like Jamie for 20 years.

As usual this novel’s excessive girth was a little overwhelming on the bookshelf, but once I cracked it open, I devoured it greedily and finished it in a two days! Such is my love of escape with Jamie. I can’t wait to run away with him again.

I’m turning into a bit of an Outlander tragic and would love to find a stone that would let me time travel to another time and all around the world to boot – this time the pair set sail for Jamaica and it looks like they are headed further north for the next instalment – I can’t wait.

5 out of 5 pirates say arrr right.

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