Thursday, 7 February 2013

American Rust - Philipp Meyer

"On one hand she loved her brother for it, his curiosity, he was always teaching himself things, but she was beginning to worry about him. He was getting isolated and eccentric."

Every now and then you read a book that really stays with you. You embark on a journey with characters that resonate. This is such a novel. It's raw, visceral style introduces beautifully flawed characters trapped by their actions and the actions of those around them. Bleak occurrences are mixed with an underlying feeling of optimism which is stamped out as the novel continues.

Intelligence and sporting prowess, the traditional pathways out of a small town, are not the saviours that they could be for protagonists Isaac and Poe. Even Lee, who as left town with a college education and a well to do marriage, cannot escape her origins.

The jacket cover of the edition I read was covered in some effusive praise that is well deserved. High drama beautifully realised and another item ticked off the 1001 books to read before you die list. 5 out of 5 - gut-wrenchingly good.

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