Saturday, 23 February 2013

Travels With My Aunt by Graham Greene

“Her conversation was rather like an American magazine where you have to pursue a story, skipping from page twenty to page ninety-eight and turning over all kinds of subjects in between; childhood delinquency, some novel cocktail recipes, the love life of a film star, and even quite a different fiction to the one so abruptly interrupted”.

The funeral of Henry Pulling’s mother is the catalyst for life-changing adventures for the dahlia loving ex-banker. Meeting his Aunt Augusta not only tears him away from the monotony of his life, but adds colour, adventure and more than one brush with the law.

Proving that age is no barrier for a lust for life. Augusta, her more than 75 years do little to hold her back from enjoying world travel, law bending activities and the attentions of more than one lover. Her mysterious past is unveiled in a piecemeal fashion and highly at odds with the puritanical viewpoint of her nephew.

I really loved this book. Augusta is a delightfully engaging wicked, wanton woman whose diary would have made for an enticing read. Henry's re-birth into the world  in his fifties and realisation that everything he held to be true could be challenged makes for a particularly enjoyable journey. Pot in a funeral urn, and chases by Interpol are just a taste of the adventures that befall Henry upon meeting and travelling with his aunt. Such fun!  5 out of 5.

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