Sunday, 10 February 2013

Innocent Blood - P.D. James

"And now he moved with a mounting sense of excitement away from his settled routine at Pimlico and into a new world, their world. And the act itself was no longer hidden in an unknown future; the time had come to prepare himself physically and mentally for the deed."

This is the 3rd P.D. James novel I've read recently and stands out as far superior to the other 2 I've delved into. Its inclusion on abebooks Fear itself list was the catalyst I needed to check it out. Nothing like a bit of a scary read.

This novel wasn't scary in the traditional sense, it had an impending sense of psychological drama that was developed in a particularly interesting way. It probably works best if the plot is left as a surprise to the reader, so I will remain silent on plot points. 

Without giving too much away, an adopted child grows to adulthood and finds she can discover her parentage after a new act of parliament is passed. What she discover beggars belief. Prepare for a trip to the dark regions of the human condition. I was happy to finish this disturbing read, yet impressed by its execution. That's a  5 out of 5  from me.

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