Friday, 22 February 2013

Terry Pratchett's Sourcery

“By the way, the thing on the pole isn’t a sign. When they decided to call the place the Troll’s Head, they didn’t mess about.”

The fifth Discworld novel is another delightful romp in the mystical realm that always provides, excitement, adventure and a walking piece  of luggage full of giggles.

The birth of the "EIGHTH SON OF AN EIGHTH SON OF AN EIGHTH SON" of a wizard - spells one thing - trouble! That trouble comes in the form of a "SOURCERER".
Wizards tend to frown on these guys as they may bring about the end of the world or the "Aprocralypse" with its attendant four horsemen and terrifying giant ice men.

I loved all the main characters in this, none more so than Conina the barbarian thief who would prefer to do hair. Rincewind is a delightful anti-hero and of course there's the librarian with his bananas and Death still shouting in capital letters.

Will our no-hopers save the Discworld from Coin and his talking staff? Can books fly? Will you be swept up in a magic carpet ride of delight by opening the pages of Sourcery? Well of course you will silly!  Don't delay, read it today - every life needs a little magic.  5 out of 5.

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