Monday, 18 February 2013

Just My Typo - compiled by Drummond Moir

“Save regularly in your bank. You’ll never reget it”.

I know quibblers, this latest addition is not of the fictional variety! I do so hate to make typographical and grammatical mistakes and yet I find them almost impossible to avoid.
A very dear friend is an absolute whizz with a red pen and at wielding grammatical magic. No surprises then that she lent me this book. My forte is generally spelling, however, I am apt to pepper the odd mistake throughout a text just to test those eagle eyed readers.

Just My Typo is, for English obsessives and sticklers for editing, a hoot. For those with more of a life it will still manage to raise the odd titter. Who wouldn't at the very least smirk at a real estate advertisement that promised "Heated poo in backyard" or " Huge dick in back for entertaining"? Don't get me started on the quotes from school kids - I did guffaw!

Yes, the humour is a little juvenile, but still a bit of fun. 4 out of 5 with perfectly positioned commas.

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