Thursday, 26 December 2013

At Last by Edward St Aubyn

“Thomas, recognising the allusion to the Vulcan logic of Star Trek II, made the same gesture with his hand.”

2013 will go down in my journal in the annals as the year I became acquainted with Patrick Melrose and read through the four novels that detail his life.

The final instalment of the 4 part saga sees the death of Patrick's mother, the last remaining link to his traumatic childhood. She's had her moment donating the family holiday home and the better part of her fortune to her foundation, she's survived the suicidal notes of the preceding novel and has at last left behind the mortal coil.

The cast of characters at the funeral makes for a hilariously entertaining read. In between hitting on the good looking waitress, dealing with the insane behaviour of the ex-Priory patient guest and other tragedies, there is little respite from the insanity.

Unfortunately, completing this novel means there are no further trips into Patrick's dark but hilarious life.

5 out of 5 kids survive their childhoods.

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