Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Psmith in the City by P G Wodehouse

"With the ex­cep­tion of our two selves, I think that there are hardly any men of real in­tel­li­gence on the staff."

Psmith and Mike take a job at the New Asiatic Bank and hilarity ensues. Somehow this sweet talker manages to sweet talk all and sundry with his dulcet tones and off the planet demeanour, much to the amazement of his partner in crime, Mike.

Mike enjoys the benefits of Psmith's private club membership and penchant for the nightlife. Adventures include leaving the bank to play cricket and sucking up to the boss.

While it was amusing, this was not quite and delightful as Jeeves and/or the Blandings co. Having said that, it is still Wodehouse and destined to elicit the odd giggle..

4 out of 5 xmas reads should make you smile.

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