Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris

 But Mar­shall was some­times my lover and also some­times my work­out part­ner; and he was al­ways my sen­sei, my karate in­struc­tor.

Lily Bard is back for another mystery and weirdly I scored this the same as the first outing. Perhaps this reflects my consistent meh reaction to this series. I love Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse universe and  I guess this pales in comparison in my estimation.

A quotidian detective novel with a slightly unbelievable heroine (perhaps more than slightly). Everyone wants to bed the gym junkie cleaning lady and she still manages to fit time in for some amateur sleuthing and bouts of soul searching due to the tragedies that have befallen her action packed life to date.

Mysterious new arrival to town, Jack, brings the danger and the sex appeal. Queue violence, questions to be answered and a small town mystery which would feels some how both typical and atypical of the genre.

An exceptionally speedy read, this is great public transport fodder that doesn’t require too much of the reader.

3 out of 5 bar bell hoisting detective cleaners seem to have eventful lives.

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