Monday, 2 December 2013

The Damned Utd by David Peace

"The smell of blood. The smell of sweat. The smell of tears. The smell of Algipan. "

If I were to describe this novel in just a few words, I'd describe it as stress personified. The ego, the drive and the pressure of thousands of dedicated football fans bearing down on the protagonist make for an amazing read. Amazing, in the sense that it is not enjoyable but impressive. This is not an easy read, yet the skill with will leave you, not only frustrated but also excited that such talent exists.
Peace has this ability to, in merely a few words, distill the stress and drama of the modern world in such a way as to overwhelm the reader.
I would normally not choose a book on football as a rule. I have to admit, watching the gorgeous David Tennant in the miniseries version of the novel was impetus enough for me to investigate the source. While i appreciate the way with words, I deleted a point due to having read this on a week when I really didn't need the added drama.

 4 out of 5, ole ole ole ole.

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