Thursday, 26 December 2013

Micah by Laurell K Hamiton

Micah was the only one who had ever come into my life and man­aged to stay.”

What can I say about this instalment of the Anita Blake series? It is ridiculously short and apart from one re-animation assignment it seems to exist only to give the much put upon Micah a little attention.

Basically, it seems, poor Micah has struggled to find a woman, because.. oh poor dear, he’s been overly blessed downstairs. Every euphemism in the world is used to describe his circumstances – oh it did make me laugh. Lucky he found Anita, she’s always been... accommodating.

This review is almost longer than the “novel”, which is really quite strange when you consider its precursor was quite sizeable.. hmm much like Micah.

So, Anita gets a trip away with Micah, and I miss Nathaniel, Jean-Claude and the gang.

3 out of 5, re-animations get in the way of Anita’s shenanigans.

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