Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cerulean Sins by Laurell K Hamilton'

You can't fall madly in love with Jean-Claude, or any­one else, be­cause you've di­vided your world up into dif­fer­ent parts with each of them.”

Well, I was bored at the airport and decided to revisit the crazy world of Anita Blake. This 11th outing sees our heroine knocking boots with just about everyone – including a saucy encounter on cerulean sheets (ah the title) with the always delectable Jean-Claude and the vampire with some truly awesome hidden talents, Asher.

In her day job there are some rather hideously gory crimes to be solved and the ominous presence of Musette.

A lot happens in this volume! Our heroine has really thrown off her good girl vibe as she falls victim to the supernatural 'ardeur' that pretty much transforms her into a lusty animal (intellectually speaking).

Asher, Jason, Jean-Claude, Micah - Anita has her dance card pretty full, and then there’s the ever present issues with Richard. If boy trouble wasn’t enough drama, she’s being followed by some sketchy types to boot.

4 out of 5 bedroom vampire antics sound messy

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