Thursday, 1 January 2015

Doomed Love By Virgil

"His tall body was left lying headless on the shore, and by it the head hacked from his shoulders: a corpse without a name"

Well, if you've read the quote above you might get the impression that this little book's inclusion in the Penguin Great Loves series might seem a little unlikely. I confess I've been trying to complete the collection because they look cute on my bookshelf and at around 100 pages each, make for a quick nibble of a read.

This particular volume represents an excerpt from the Aneneid which to be honest I thought I'd read before, however my Goodreads  list says otherwise. As a child I was a huge fan of ancient Greek and Roman tales, perhaps my tastes have changed with age. I found the prose of this translation hard going.Making 130 pages of text feel like 1030.

This was another effort to beat the NYE countdown and finish off my reading challenge and I guess it served that purpose.

2 out of 5 loves are doomed

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