Thursday, 1 January 2015

Woman In The Dark by Dashiell Hammett

"She had on a pink wrap­per over a pink silk night­gown and green mules dec­o­rated with yel­low feath­ers."

This one was a last minute quick read to up my tally and meet my reading challenge goal of 120 books for 2015. Okay, I revised down my challenge when I realised 230 was impossible for me to achieve whilst holding down a job and being a functioning human.
A return to the noir world of Dashiell Hammett seemed a no-brainer and this one is a speedy read with some classic noir flourishes, dame on the run after getting mixed up with the wrong crowd... I think you know the drill.
Nowhere near as fun as The Thin Man  or as captivating as The Maltese Falcon. Apparently this work was also adapted into a movie in 1934 starring Fay Wray (from King Kong  fame).
For a more indepth review, I found a great one here at Tipping My Fedora.
3 out of 5 stone cold kissers in this one.

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