Monday, 19 January 2015

Fear of Flying by Erica Jong

"Zipless, you see, not  because European men have button-flies rather than zipper-flies, and not because the participants are so devastatingly attractive, but because the incident has all the swift compression of a dream and is seemingly free of all remorse and guilt"

Ah Isadora, ditching your boring dependable husband for a decent sexual adventure with an unreliable Englishman; what would you make of today's Tinder fuelled get togethers?
I was torn by this book, some of it was a tad close to home; honestly lady, get out of my head.The rest was a little frustrating.

Choosing freedom and unbridled lust works for a while, but then, after celebrating the notion of no guilt and just enjoying life, she misses poor old reliable Bennett and bubble-bath.That really annoyed me!

Perhaps that is all our cross to bear as the female of the species. We're constantly told that we have to settle - mainly due to the horrendous beating of the reproductive drum. If we dare to unleash the inner minx, we're branded with horrid slurs and sometimes end up believing them.

There is a navel gazing honesty in this novel that explains its success and its ability to remain relevant. Then of course there is also that train scenario which, lets face it, sounds pretty tempting. Ladies, if you haven't had an Adrian like crazy episode in your life, your memoirs might be sadly lacking, but your life might be just fine. I'd take the memoirs option.

5 out of 5 eternal optimists dream of a happy ending.

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