Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hit List by Laurell K Hamilton

"Ed­ward nod­ded, smil­ing his Ted smile, as he tipped his hat back from his fore­head, his P90 pointed one-handed at the ground."

I felt like diving back into Anita Blake territory and frankly I think this one was an improvement. I enjoy her adventures with Edward, its amusing that the one truly sex-free relationship she has with a man in some ways seems the most intimate.

Yet another serial killer ( goodness there are a lot in her life) brings the crime solving duo. Oh look, its that nasty Harlequin, shady killer organisation again. They are pesky!
Taking on Mammie Noir, Anita is in fine form and her latest addition to the throng of men in her thrall, the rather tasty Ethan, is a great additional tiger.

3 out of 5 bad vamps get sucked dry.

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