Monday, 13 July 2015

Here We Go Again by Betty White

"It wasn't really a Greek tragedy. I only thought it was."

I don't think anyone could NOT  love Betty White - she is adorable. Betty's most recent book is a chatty view of her life in television. I admit to being acquainted with this grand dame only since her work on The Golden Girls, who knew what a stunner she has always been.
The photos demonstrate that mega watt smile has been beaming since 1939 on and off the tv screen.
From numerous iterations of The Betty White Show  to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls  and beyond, Betty has enjoyed a lengthy career with some delightfully memorable occurrences. That being said, I think this book failed to ignite the same kind of delight that the actress spills on screen.

This is pleasant, forgettable fare, a good airport read.

3 out of 5 twinkling eyes aplenty.

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