Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Book of Joan by Melissa Rivers

"She always said that chivalry wasn't dead, it was just hiding in Argentina like the old nazis and it was her job to ferret it out."

Reading this while at the hairdressers, I have to confess to laughing out loud on numerous occasions, resulting in some strange looks from the other customers. Joan would have been proud of the way I began my evening all coiffed and made up - let's not talk about what I looked like after dinner and a marathon bar crawl - that's another story.

Little anecdotes are recounted in an engaging and familiar tone. As a reader, it feels like Melissa's tales are told with a good dose of side eye and winking. In any case, this entertaining raconteur could give her recently deceased comedienne mother a run for her money in the laughs stakes.

5 out of 5 hilarious anecdotes end in laughter.

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