Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Joy in the Morning by P G Wodehouse

"Unchain the eggs and bacon. I will be with you in a moment."

Wodehouse is the perfect antidote to foggy, cold,winter weather. A tonic for the hardened soul. I've been ducking into this little bundle of joy, not just in the morning. Jeeves and Wooster are one again embroiled in adventures to avoid unwanted matrimonies and difficult aunts and uncles.
Wooster has to avoid the violent leanings of Stilton Cheesewright who wants to thrash him for apparently stealing the heart of his intended. He is also tasked with arranging a clandestine meeting on behalf of his Uncle Percy, queue mistaken burglaries, unintended promises and one heck of a crazy kid called Edwin who really sets things alight.

Will Bertie survive the unthinkable circumstances of a fancy dress ball without the correct attire? Will he unwittingly end up married or will Jeeves save the day? I think you can guess what happens, and that will in no way detract from your enjoyment.

Published in 1946, this one still delivers the giggles.

5 out of 5 butlers can source the most unlikely costumes.

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