Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Young Visitors by Daisy Ashford

"Mr Salteena was an elderly man of 42 and was fond of asking people to stay with him."

How does one review a story written by a nine year old? Indeed, how is it possible that a story written by a nine year old  and published in 1919 continues to be read today. Well, for a child, it is strangely insightful and hints at much while saying little.

Social climbing by those born on the wrong side of the blanket seems an unlikely storyline for such a young child and yet that is one of the two main paths of the plot. The other being a love story. There are a number of little jaunty episodes and quite a few weddings and children to round out the ending.

So, my score below, is a testament to the fact that I really didn't love this one.

2 out of 5 wannabees hang out with royalty.

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