Friday, 24 July 2015

The Martian by Andy Weir

“Things weren’t 100 percent successful”

Perched on a park bench, delighting in the warm winter sun beating at my back, I devoured this fantastic work of Science Fiction. When you're left behind on Mars with little hope of rescue, there are two very likely outcomes, death or miraculous rescue.
The constant threats that might end Mark Watney, his ingenious problem solving and tenacity, make for an amazing read that you will find very difficult to put down.
His "screw you, I'm going to survive this" attitude makes him strangely accessible, I could totally relate to some of his rock notes back to base.
The action is constantly on the edge, making for a white knuckle ride better than any roller-coaster.
My reason for seeking out this particular novel was its upcoming movie adaptation. As you might already be aware, I'm a stickler for reading the book first. I find it hard to think of Matt Damon as the novel's hero, and for that I'm grateful. Sometimes ones perceptions can be a little tainted by the big screen. Despite those reservations, I am still exceedingly keen to see the film, particularly if it is half the wild ride the book is.

5 out of 5, this is what sci-fi is all about - science, thrills and frenetic page turning.

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