Monday, 4 March 2019

Calypso by David Sedaris

"Since getting my Fitbit I’ve seen all kinds of things I wouldn’t normally have come across."


My gorgeous and amazing friend Kate was lovely enough to lend me a copy of the most recent of Mr Sedaris’ musings. The experience for me was particularly bitter sweet because my appreciation of the author is firmly entrenched in my memories of another friendship that has recently soured. I am grateful for that friendship for introducing me to the delights of the adorable David Sedaris, the joys of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the addictiveness of the Fitbit and the efficiencies of Phillips Airfloss for interdental cleaning.  I am sad that the friendship is over, but sometimes you just have to move on. That did, however, make reading this difficult. I was constantly reminded of the last book tour of David Sedaris which was in fact promoting this particular work.
As always, Sedaris is open and engaging and a delightful raconteur. While a lot slimmer than some of his recent outings, it remains just as entertaining. I can hear it read in his voice as I scan the pages and envisage his strange penchant for male culottes. A number of the stories seemed so familiar and I realised this was because I’d heard them read aloud. That just made me love this more.

You will devour this so quickly because, like anything tasty, it is all too easy to consume. Anyone else who shares my Fitbit mania and love of reading can't help but love this too.
5 out of 5, literary relationships are forever.

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