Sunday, 3 March 2019

The First Casualty: A Memoir from the Front Lines of the Global War on Journalism by Peter Greste

"As I thought more deeply, I realised that our experience was  also part of a third, more obscure conflict between journalism and belligerents on both sides of what has become known euphemistically as the 'War on Terror'. "

This week has been a veritable slog in terms of waking hours with looming deadlines. I’ve had this particular tome for what seems like ages. I’d been fortunate enough to catch Peter Greste at last year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival and eagerly purchased a copy after his engaging talk.
It took me quite some time to get through the reading process. At first, I put it off because I feared the subject matter might be a bit hard to deal with and I had vivid recollections of how emotive Greste's presentation at the Writers' Festival had been.
When I did finally get some time to finish reading, I was, yet again, entranced by the subject matter. Greste has a writing style that really draws you in and he raises some really interesting questions about the state of the world today and the complicated circumstances that journalists seeking to provide an objective view are faced with. When politicians and terrorists and everyone in between seek to frame issues with a black and white perspective of "with us" or "against us", reporting on the shades of grey becomes fraught with danger for the personal liberty and safety of those reporting.

I realise my description above is laboured; and that's why I'd suggest you skip straight to the source and read the book.

5 out of 5, it is a troubled world out there.

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