Saturday, 21 September 2019

Busy Body ( Agatha Raisin 21) by M.C.Beaton

"As she drove down the road leading to Carsely, towards her cottage, she thought, I can ignore Christmas here just as well as I could in Corsica."

Agatha's plans to escape Christmas with a sojourn in Corsica are typically disastrous, so it is back to Carsely for some Christmas thrills. John Sunday, the local health and safety officer is putting a damper on Christmas celebrations, but not for long. His bloodied corpse will make an appearance at the Ladies' Society in Odley Cruesis (seriously what a name) and Agatha will be back on the case.

The village, which is close by to Agatha's, is peopled by the usual range of oddballs and seemingly guilty persons.Throw in some scary siblings and the odd overseas sleuthing trip, and Agatha (and the reader) are kept busy. Agatha meddles in Toni's love life with what will prove to have disastrous effects in future novels and is Agatha getting engaged to  Sir Charles??? Stay tuned!

5 out of 5 times it pays to snoop.

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