Thursday, 12 September 2019

Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones

The genie's hollow voice came from inside it.

The minute that I finished Howl's Moving Castle,  I was desperate to read the sequel and my always reliable Booktopia delivered. So I dove in head first and was ....perplexed. This  wasn't "the droids I was looking for".. or so it seemed. If you area expecting a direct sequel well you, gentle reader, are barking up the wrong tree. Persistence, however, pays off, the novel's denouement will answer your questions. I fear I have given too much away at this point.

We begin with a story that is very familiar to anyone who has watched the Disney movie, Aladdin,  and I'm talking about the original, minus the "Whole New World"  number.
A boy dreams he comes from royalty, he gets hold of a flying carpet and falls for a princess. Sound familiar? Well, its ... wait for it... a "tale as old as time"..sorry.

Expect adventure, intrigue, comedy and transformation. Oh, you ain't never had a friend like Abdullah.

 5 out of 5.. oh tell me we build.."castles in the sky?"

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