Saturday, 21 September 2019

There Goes the Bride (Agatha Raisin 20) by M.C.Beaton

"Downstairs, she poured herself a stiff drink and lit a cigarette. Felicity’s murder, she reflected, would be the first case she had ever given up on."

I've been feeling a little run down of late and I have to say that I've discovered the perfect cure for feeling poorly. A few moments with Agatha Raisin might not cure your ills but it will pep you up just that little bit. Clearly I have been on a Raisin binge of late. So I shall try not to get all the plots confused.

I do love the threads that continue throughout the books and I really love how easy they are to read on my phone ( sacrilege I know).

James Lacey is - shock horror - engaged to be married to a young, rich and very beautiful woman with a rather posh name - Felicity Bross-Tilkington. A woman who isn't Agatha! Agatha puts her face on and tries to appear positive, fortunately there is a rather suave Frenchman to flirt with.
The wedding does not go off without a hitch, rather it ends in murder. That is to say James is still single because his would be wife has been bumped off.

Will Agatha solve the murder? What is the story with Felicity's creepy family? Will you have fun? Definitely! Will you guess the outcome - possibly not.

5 out of 5 bouquets can do double duty.

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