Saturday, 7 September 2019

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off by Michael Caine

"In movie acting, as in life, the real value is not in how you say the lines but in how you listen and react truthfully in the moment to what other people are saying to you."

I bloody love Michael Caine. Whether its his early sex god days in Get Carter or his delightful grandad like ways in the bat cave he has endured and is always iconic on screen. The cover photo here is definitely channelling the sex god days but I digress.

I remember being desperate to secure a copy of this after his interview with Leigh Sales which you can watch here. Two icons together - wouldn't you just love to be in that room, or is it just me? Anyway, I finally got around to reading this the night before my holiday and I literally devoured it like a prisoner's last meal on death row.

The book's premise is verging on self help, with Caine illustrating life lessons he has learnt via examples from his life. If you didn't love him before, his engaging and delightful book is certainly going to win you over. The epilogue detailing his epic rise from butler to... err butler rounds out the pages beautifully and leaves a sweet aftertaste.

5 out of 5 better than the Rob Brydon impression. 

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