Thursday, 12 September 2019

Spring by Ali Smith

"She's the kind of thin that looks like her arm might break if it lifts a mug of tea."

Let me set the scene here. I absolutely loved the other books in this series, unreservedly and yet this one just seemed to be so loud and "shouty". Now, I'm prone to hayfever and generally not a fan of spring, so that seems completely appropriate somehow.

Did I devour it nonetheless? Does it have moments of the sublime? Am I somewhat questioning my choices? Yes, to all of the above. While the tale is compelling, much like life these days, it is a stormy, loud tempest, often best appreciated in reverse.

That sounds somewhat deeper than perhaps I anticipated.Such is the genius of Ali Smith for bringing out the conundrums in the everyday. The seasons turn and yet I'm lost in their thrall once again. I really must read some Katherine Mansfield - I feel that would add to my appreciation. Did I mention how this novel epitomises the time we live in? I can't wait to hear Nicki's take on this.

 4 out of 5... bloody hayfever!!

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