Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Atlantic Black by A.S. Patrić

“The champagne falls to the deck; half-full, it pours out onto the wood with a hiss of foam. The bottle rolls along the deck, hits the railing with a hard tink of glass on metal, and rolls back to the bench—champagne bubbling out in a sparkling puddle.”

My lovely friend and fellow bibliophile, Nicki, bought me this for Christmas last year (upon my request) and I’ve only just got to reading it— My ‘to be read’ pile is enormous. Having really enjoyed the author’s award-winning novel, Black Rock White City I was exceedingly keen to sink my teeth into this one.
The action is set on the RMS Aquitania which provides a fantastic setting . How amazing it would have been to watch it being built. I digress however. This is a moving tale that sent me down to a dark, cold, place. It is deftly written and swallowed me up like the cold, unforgiving, full of mystery, intrigue and misery.
If you feel like a haunting tale and one that would certainly inspire some heated book club conversations – this one is probably right up your alley. The publishers have a fantastic reading guide available on their site to assist.
I realise I haven’t really told you too much about the protagonist, Katerina Klova, or the action or the way you can feel your shoes sliding along the wet deck and horror at the skin covered bible. No, you will just have to start reading it yourself and we can share some therapy together once you have finished
5 out of 5 devastatingly bleak books are not the answer to the post-Christmas blues.

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