Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Love, Lies and Liquor (Agatha Raisin #17) by M.C. Beaton

“Charles Fraith was not feeling guilty at having abandoned Agatha. But he was bored.”


Crumbs, James Lacey is back and this time he means business, offering Agatha a chance to get away somewhere mysterious. As per usual, Aggie’s imagination could never come up with the complete disaster that his less than romantic overtures will play out. James’ memory of delightful childhood seaside vacations in Snoth-on-Sea, are a far cry from the decrepit surrounds of the Palace Hotel. The food is worse than Agatha’s microwaveable meals and the other guests are a fright. Naturally murder and mayhem can’t be too far away; and it looks like Agatha is the prime suspect.

For once it is Agatha’s accessories that are a crime. James is off at the first opportunity and thankfully Charles is back to keep things interesting. He is also in the bad books. So many men, so little action for dear Mrs Raisin.

Will our intrepid heroine ever make it out of the accursed Palace Hotel? Will she finally be done with James once and for all? If, like me, you are an Agatha Raisin tragic, you’ll enjoy getting your feet wet by the sea over this little mystery.

5 out of 5 English seaside resorts aren’t what they used to be.

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