Thursday, 24 January 2019

Early Riser by Jasper Fforde

“And while most people saw nightwalkers as creepy brain-dead denizens of the winter whose hobbies revolved around mumbling and cannibalism, we saw them as someone who had returned from the dark abyss of hibernations with most of everything left behind.”

The release of a new Jasper Fforde novel is always a cause for celebration at my house and at the home of my best bibliophile friend, Nicki. Yes, we worship at the altar of Fforde and for good reason. His books are pure delight. The Thursday Next series is a particular favourite.

This latest novel is quite different and took me a little while to get into. Don't let that dissuade you in any way because it is totally worth sticking with. Imagine that we're living in the world of today and that today is something like Game of Thrones  after winter has taken over. Like cold weather, it takes  a little time to acclimatise to this unusual winter world.

It's late and I'm a little light on words tonight, so I'm just going to urge you to grab a copy and a nice hot drink and settle in for an enjoyable time. Pull up a blanket, pray that your ears don't get bitten off and that you don't have an adverse reaction to your meds because all of these sorts of instances are commonplace within the pages of the novel.

Scandal. secret plots, people who make their own rules in a wintery frontier-like scenario where dreams are an anomaly that could kill. I hope I've peaked your interest.

5 out of 5 dream or nightmare? - you decide.

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