Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Lethal White by Robert Galbraith

‘If Strike had not arrived today, she might never have known that he wanted her back, and that she might be spared the shame, the anger, the humiliation, the hurt with which she had been racked since that awful night when he had sacked her.”

Another adventure with the sexy Cormoran Strike and his delightful associate, Robin. At the end of the last novel, we had just got over the disappointment of her actually going through with the wedding to Matthew, but things could be worse. When we re-join the story, Robin’s marriage isn’t going great — no surprises there. Thankfully, she is back at work and things are getting rather busy at Strike’s agency.
Billy Knight, a man with a history of mental illness is seeking out the (now rather famous) detectives to prove he did witness the strangulation of a baby and he wasn’t just seeing things. Next minute, the appealing detective duo are drawn into some rather fascinating political intrigues. Wealth, power and corruption abound, and Robin goes undercover at the Houses of Parliament.
As per usual Galbraith (oh we all know it is J.K, Rowling) has a way with creating characters that draw you in and make hundreds of pages fly by in a frenzied flurry. The sexual tension between these two colleagues is driving me a bit balmy at his point. I know if I was Robin, that would have been sorted long ago, dodgy leg and all!
I just love that Robin is such a good driver, it makes me want to take an advanced driving course! Does this 4th instalment live up to the hype, in my humble opinion, it totally does.
5 out of 5 white horses abound.

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