Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation by Amanda Laird

“Body literacy is an act of resistance, and self-care is too – not in the manicures and bubble-bath kind of way, but in the asserting personal boundaries way.”

I was having a particularly horrid, crampy day when I saw this new offering on #netgalley (#heavyflow) and was rewarded with a free review copy for comment. Nearing the back end of the trauma that turns at least one week of my life into a nightmare and facing the prospect of getting older and having new and other unpleasant issues to deal with, it occurs to me how little, until recently, I really understood about the whole process.
While I might not be onboard with all of the potential items mentioned in the book ( sorry I just can’t with the steaming bit- too goop-y for this one), in the most part, Laird delivers some really valuable and informative content in an easy to read manner without preaching and with a delightfully open approach. This is the kind of education we as women should be providing to young women out there.  Which bits are really which, what does what and what to expect are fundamentals that seem to be lacking in our education as a rule. Men need a better understanding too, because their education by porn these days is really letting them down.
Casting aside shame, taboos and biased information is valuable, I mean who out there bleeds blue ink unless they live in a sanitary product commercial? For more information about the book and its author check out: https://www.dundurn.com/books/Heavy-Flow . This is one hex we need to break.
5 out of 5 real facts are far more powerful.

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